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No matter the occasion - whether you’re planning a party, looking to impress your in-laws, a schedule Deep Cleaning or just to make your house ready for a new born baby, our service can transform your home.

Our Standard Service Includes

A professional crew of trained specialists that are committed to deep clean your home for 5-8 hours.

Complete coverage of your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms & other living areas including spaces your daily regimen doesn’t address.

* Surface management that covers mirrors, windows, & floors, wood.

* Sanitisation of toilets, showers, tubs & sinks. 

*Bathroom deep cleaning

* Kitchen deep cleaning

* Balcony & Utility room deep cleaning.

* Drawing room / study room / hall deep cleaning

* Bedroom & Living room deep cleaning.

*Deep Cleaning would be done following three steps: Vacuuming + Cleaning + Sanitising.


*5 Seater Fabric Sofa Shampooing & UV Treatment: 1500/-

* Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation (HEPA Filter Technology Vacuuming & U.V Treatment): 500-700/-
(HEPA Vacuuming to capture fine & smallest dust, Ultra violet C type light treatment is done to eliminate dust mites, bacteria & viruses)* Needed & very much useful for small babies, allergenic patient.

* Carpet Shampooing : 25 rupees / SQ FT.
(Residential Carpet Shampooing Cost: 500-700-1000/- *depend on carpet size).

*General Pest Control Services along with Home Deep Cleaning: 1250-2000/-


1 Bathroom Deep Cleaning: 999/-

2 Bathroom Deep Cleaning : 1599/-

3 Bathroom Deep Cleaning: 2200/-

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